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About the activities of the recording studio


     Our sound-recording studio realizes all kinds of works in the field of sound from live sound and reconstruction of phonograms to scoring of multimedia applications, scoring of audio and video clips and many others.

     We make recording, reduction, mastering, remastering, restoration of records on every type of media (cassettes, record-players, etc.); we make phonograms and arrangements; we produce advertisement clips and soundtracks of programs with the help of professional actors and announcers; we make lip-sync on soundtracks of video clips; we also make record, arrangement and preparation of sound scripts for IVR-systems (interactive voice response), design of promotional informational systems for trade centres, transport companies, entertainment centres, etc; we fulfill complex professional translation and localization of multimedia (in Russian, Englis, French, Japanese, and other languages), creation and recording of phonograms for DVD in the Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC-3) and DTS formats, dubbing of video-films in Russian, recording of CD and DVD, multiplication of compact disks(CD), audio cassettes (MC), DVD and  VHS-disks, and other works in the field of sound.


    We provide our services to dozens of large and hundreds of medium and small companies and brands. You can find the information about our customers here.


     We invite you to cooperate with us and we are ready to consider all your proposals.  


    All works in our studio are done by highly trained specialists on professional equipment for sound recording and  arrangement  in specialized sound-proof rooms.


We are the Leaders in the Field of Audio for IVR (interactive voice response)


         Our company is the leader in the field of design and support of voice audio lines (IVR (interactive voice response)) in Russia.

     Our exclusive technologies KOVL® (Keep One Voice Line) and SMT®  (Scripting Master Tool) allow us, in a relatively short time, to create the complete sets of audio scripts and audio lines of high quality for our customers' IVR systems.

      The technologies of our company and its experience guarantee irreproachable quality of final product. We provide our services in this field to dozens of Russian and foreign companies – producers of equipment and information technology, media holdings, communications operators, etc. (You can get more details about companies which cooperated with us here).

Only professional, specifically chosen announcers who master the adequate technique of construction of intonation curve for using with the KOVL® technology, are employed in the process of recording of the original announcers' materials in our studio. Our database of such announcers of IVR consists of about two dozens of persons – both men and women. All of them have exclusive contracts with our studio, so in accordance with the will of a customer we can guarantee them a choice: a unique voice or a so called “voice of the company”. We give particular attention to the issues of security and commercially classified information. The conditions of each contract and all materials (information, texts, clips, scripts and so on) are kept strictly secret. The access to the materials is under careful control.                          







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Marry X-mas and Happy New Year!!!

13 Studio Records wishes you a Happy New Year! Thank you for being with us all this time! We'll be glad to see you on our website in 2006


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Welcome! English version of this site is available now!

Complex services

The only proposal on the Russian market:

complex professional translation and scoring of any complexity.

More details>>>

Our partner

Russian technical agency for translation FONETIX

Professional technical translations of any complexity. All languages. The  leaders since 1988.


Sound-recording studio for Interactive Voice Response
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The Russian version of the site of our company

Russian technical agency for translation Fonetix®

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